Watch X-Men: Apocalypse Star Oscar Isaac Mutate Into The Mutant God Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse is now officially out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and to make the most of it, we are celebrating international #MutantDay. We suppose this should entail some sort of instructions on how to become a mutant, well, here we are.

Below, you’ll find a video detailing the painstaking process of turning Oscar Isaac into the god mutant and namesake of the film, Apocalypse. Under the watchful gaze of director / producer Bryan Singer, Legacy Effects, led by Brian Sipe, created a robust and dynamic head prosthetic to bring the villain from the comic books alive and on to the big screen.

Sipe broke down exactly what’s involved in the mask, and the care taken to ensure that it doesn’t hinder Isaac’s acting.

“It’s a six-piece prosthetic of overlapping skull caps, head-pieces and face pieces so it’s intensive. The prosthetics for Apocalypse are all silicon face pieces so we keep them very thin and very supple so they move with him and transfer the subtle detail of any of his movements, so he can act through it as well.”

The effect was fully felt on camera and behind it, according to co-star Even Peters A.K.A Quicksilver. “The make up they have him in is unbelievable. It is awesome and scary, and he looks terrifying, really powerful. It’s easy to work with, you know? You’re definitely freaked out when Oscar’s there on set.”

So, to answer your burning question, in order to become a mutant, you basically need a team of incredible makeup artists. But if that sounds like a little too much work, why not check out our Magneto helmet replica competition. You’ll be looking the part in no time at all.

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