Corey Feldman “Goes For It” On The Today Show

Photo: Gabriel Olsen (Getty Images)

Corey Feldman “trending” on social media is never going to be good news… at least for the former child actor. For reasons that could only be attributed to click-bait, the “Today” show on NBC had Feldman’s all-girl, EDM-goth-pop rock band Corey’s Angels perform “Go For It” from his new album Angelic 2 the Core.

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The star of Goonies, Stand by Me, and Lost Boys basically moonwalked over my childhood in a shit show performance that made Michael Jackson turn over in his grave to raise a gloved middle finger at his former play buddy. See it for yourself below. 

Feldman, last seen by me in the slightly underrated Lost Boys 3 sequel, was either oblivious to the age old “laughing at him, not with him” adage or just happy to be “viral” again, flaunted his accomplishments on Twitter.