Corey Feldman Continues (To Try) To Sing On Latest ‘Today’ Show Performance

You gotta hand it to him for really “going for it,” but who are the people telling this man he can sing? Corey Feldman may be a lot of things, but talented musician and skilled Michael Jackson impersonator are not on the list. Delusional former child star with dreams of grandeur in the music business is more in the wheelhouse. But you don’t have to take those statements at face value. Just check out his performance on “Today” from this morning and make the call.


That previous barrage of insults aside, I would totally go see Corey Feldman live…if he dressed up like Donatello and revived the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour. Then again, this performance was slightly worse than that, so maybe it would be a bad idea. I’m probably just being nostalgic and hate to see Feldman having fallen so far from grace.

However, he is out there saving angels with his heavenly (or demonic?) voice, so maybe I’m being a tad harsh. After all, he’s a pretty humble dude.

h/t Uproxx

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