Exclusive Premiere | Enola Fall’s Bewitching New Song

You know what’s cooler than being from Tasmania? Being an indie band from Tasmania. Australia’s oft forgotten southernmost state is home to Enola Fall, who aspire to “carve out a niche as the missing link between the oblique pop of Alt-J and the windswept melancholy of The National and Bon Iver.” 

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Led by singer Joe Nuttall, the foursome have a quirky name for a quirky alt-group that make melodic, retro-modern pop songs with dark undercurrents. Crave is exclusively premiering the music video for “Closer,” the first single off their upcoming as-yet-untitled album coming in the Spring of 2017.

We got the skinny on the colorful black and white concept and “special guest appearance” from director Neil Triffett. 

“The footage comes from an educational film company called Coronet Films, which started making videos for schools in the 1940s. There are five videos in total edited into the music clip, ranging from topics such as making friends to insomnia. Dick York, later known for Bewitched, is in three of them and this was likely his earliest film work. 

“The concept was to build a story around the themes of longing that are in “Closer.” I had wanted to do something with Coronet Instructional Films for a while and remembered a scene in which two boys met at a diner, and there was a complex interaction that took place between them. The scene was purely about making friends (homosexuality wouldn’t have been in the minds of the filmmakers) but there was such a complex series of looks that the scene turned into something quite different. The music clip is built around that scene. In some ways, it’s as if these kids are trapped in these films, kept in a continual process of schooling and trying to fit in. The internet is filled with mash-ups of Coronet films that poke fun at the old-fashioned values, but there is a sadness to them as well. They are strange time-capsules.” 

For more information on Enola Fall go here. To see more from Neil Triffett check out his website.  


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