Top 10 Reasons Why Bowling Should Be America’s #1 Sport

There’s a very good documentary titled A League of Ordinary Gentlemen that chronicles how popular bowling was in the late ’50s and ’60s, how it almost became extinct in the ’90s, and how certain pro bowlers have helped bring it back. But the truth is, bowling is still not nearly as popular as it should be, both in the professional and recreational sense. That’s a shame, too, because it’s so damn awesome. Here are 10 reasons why bowling should be America’s #1 sport.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bowling Should Be America’s #1 Sport

10. Anyone can do it, even your most unathletic buddy.

bowling fail, pro bowler falls down, josh blanchard bowling fail

9. And unlike golf or basketball, anyone can get lucky and do it well.

For real. I once witnessed a very petite girlfriend of mine who had never bowled a 100 in her life roll a 225 out of nowhere with a 6 lb. ball. It was incredible.

8. We need more hilarious movies made about bowling.

bowling movies, best bowling movies, the big lebowski, kingpin

There are just not enough comedies like The Big Lebowski and Kingpin.

7. It’s a relatively cheap date option that gives you an excuse to check out her butt.

This isn’t really sports related, but still.

6. The shoes, man.

bowling shoes, bowling shoes AMF

The shoes.

5. The thrill of a strike is just as good as hitting a home run or catching a touchdown pass.

And it can happen up to 12 times a game.

4. Kids these days need more middle-aged sports heroes with beer guts.

del ballard jr, fat bowler

I mean, John Daly and Bartolo Colon are cool, but Del Ballard, Jr. #ftw.

3. Bowling leagues are the best leagues.

simpsons team homer, pin pals

And they go hand-in-hand with the snazziest shirts.

2. Celebrations like this:

Pete Weber is the man.

1. You can eat nachos, pizza, chicken tenders, fries, etc. while playing and wash it down with pitchers of beer.

In fact, it’s encouraged. So what are we waiting for, America? Let’s make bowling #1 again!