KHL Defenseman Damir Ryspayev Gets Into More Fights On The Ice Than Happy Gilmore

To his credit, at no point has Astana Barys defenseman Damir Ryspayev taken off his skate and tried to stab somebody. But with stats like his, you can’t blame the Kontinental Hockey League brawler for being a bit angry. After all, he’s played 23 regular season games over the past two years without a single goal or assist to his name. That’s probably why the 21-year-old’s latest preseason match against the Kunlun Red Stars ended with, well, this:

The entire “game” lasted three total minutes before the Red Stars’ coach decided to pull his team. As for the disciplinary action taken against Ryspayev, it sounds like his hockey days — if you can call them that — are over for awhile.

Just for kicks (and punches, mostly punches), here’s what no points and 194 penalty minutes in 23 career games looks like:

h/t Sportsnet