11 Movies That Remind Us Kids Are Out To Kill Us All

If seeing parents struggle to stop their baby from crying, deal with their kid throwing a tantrum, or not be able to go out simply because they have kids isn’t enough to keep you from wanting a child, perhaps the following movies are. That’s because these movies have one thing in common: awful kids. Whether they are kids who are creepy as hell or just kids who want to murder you, these films should remind everyone that children aim to bring us all down.

11 Movies That Remind Us Kids Are Out To Kill Us All

Children of the Corn (1984)

Let’s kick it off with a movie about a bunch of kids killing adults in a little town in Nebraska just because. These kids run the town and kill any adult that passes through. But hey, they get a successful corn harvest out of it if they do (at least according to an entity).

Orphan (2009)

Hey, if your birth kids won’t kill you, the ones you adopt surely will. Little Esther is adopted by a nice family, and then quickly proceeds to kill a nun. Yep. A nun. There’s no going back from that one, folks. This film also includes Vera Farmiga yelling, “I’m not your fucking mommy!” Probably not something you should tell a homicidal kid.

The Ring (2002)

You expect kids to watch TV all day and not bother you, not crawl out of your TV and wet your damn floor. But that’s pretty much what Samara did in her spare time, and if you saw her, you were dead in a week. Pretty much the same thing that happens when you watch The View.

The Exorcist (1973)

Not only do you have to worry about lice coming into your household, but a demon, too? A 12-year-old is possessed by a demonic entity and begins wreaking havoc on everyone around her. So she pretty much acts like a bratty preteen.

The Omen (1976)

Speaking of demons, here’s another case of an adoption gone wrong. Five-old-year Damien is pretty tight with Satan himself, and because of that a bunch of shitty things happen; like the deaths of his nanny and a priest. Problem child may be an understatement.

The Bad Seed (1956)

No demons here, just a little girl with zero emotion who enjoys killing. Eight-year-old Rhoda is the granddaughter of an infamous serial killer, so she has to live up to the expectations and try her hand at murder. And that doesn’t bode well for her victims.

Goodnight Mommy (2014)

Two little asshole twins convince themselves that their post-cosmetic surgery mom isn’t their real mom, so they begin to torture her until she reveals the truth. This Austrian movie proves that twins don’t like it when you dress them alike. In fact, they might kill you eventually. And the trailer is one super creep-fest, too.

Village of the Damned (1960)

Ever had a random kid stare at you for no reason? Well, this movie is a nightmare then. It’s just a bunch of English kids with glowing eyes forcing adults to do things they wouldn’t do under their own power. These kids also have no emotion and show no love. No word yet if their portrayal was based on me.

Who Can Kill A Child? (1976)

Not super well known, but this Spanish film involves more crazy kids killing adults, this time on an island. It’s a bizarre film that ends with one of the main characters with a machine gun aimed at a group of kids who are smiling at him. That probably wasn’t in the travel brochure.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

OK, so this kid doesn’t really kill anyone, but come on, all Rosemary wanted to do was get pregnant and have a child. But of course her child ends up being the spawn of Satan. Like, really? The kid even has glowing red eyes, which I’m told are similar to the ones I had when I was young. So not only does this brat keep Rosemary up, but he just happens to be Devil Jr.

Matilda (1996)

We’ve saved the worst for last, folks: Matilda. This little Carrie wannabe just destroys everything, including her parents and her principal as soon as she discovers she has telekinetic powers. The kid almost murders Trunchbull, and before that tries to choke her step-brother to death using a carrot. Matilda is as bad as they come. This trailer pretty much shows that, too.

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