Celebrity Chefs Ranked By Likability

All guys watch — or have watched — cooking shows. The Food Network is a killer channel, and I’m not going to apologize for watching it because you do, too. Due to channels such as these and food programs on other popular networks, chefs have become celebrities in their own right. While all of them are talented in the art of culinary, some are certainly more likable than others. Based on this quality, I’ve ranked the world’s top celebrity chefs.

10. Paula Deen

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Paula Deen

The jolly Southern chef was known for her motherly, nurturing presence on camera. That is until it was discovered through a lawsuit that she and her family were living in the ’60s and extremely racist, using the N-word frivolously (which she admitted to doing), and wanting to plan a “true Southern plantation-style theme” wedding for a family member using only black servers for authenticity. She ultimately decided against this theme “because the media would be all on [her] about that.” Not because it’s just really, really racist. So for these reasons and more (concerning the racist allegations, that is), it’s concluded that the once adored Paula Deen is the least liked celebrity chef who’s ever been on television.

9. Rachael Ray

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is the loudmouthed aunt you visit once a year at Christmas only because you have to. If it weren’t for Paula Deen’s racist remarks, Ray would have definitely fit in the last spot. She’s loud, just okay-looking, and makes the same food your mom’s been cooking for years. Lazy housewives who are home to watch her horrendous show are the only reason she’s still on television – and even then, they’re only watching because it’s better than watching those mid-morning infomercials or the hens on “The View.”

8. Bobby Flay

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay loves himself more than anybody else could. He proved this not only through his professional life, but his personal life too, having gotten divorced not once, but three times –- in 1993, 1998, and 2015. In every television show he’s been apart of –- “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay,” “Iron Chef” and “Beat Bobby Flay,” for example – he always has this smug arrogance about him –- his on-screen presence feels like he’s talking down to you. We get it, Bobby. You’re good at everything. Congrats.

7. Buddy Valastro

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Buddy Valastro

The once wholesome Cake Boss has seen major success and with that, everything authentic about Valastro and his bake shop have been thrown out the window. Over the years, he’s essentially become a parody of himself. While the whole “We’re loud Italians in one family-owned bakery” idea was charming in the beginning, over many seasons – as well as the introduction of his newer shows with the same premise -– the whole thing gets stale. (See what I did there? “Stale”? He’s a baker!)

6. Giada de Laurentiis

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Giada de Laurentiis

Giada, while easy on the eyes, gives off a similar arrogance as Bobby Flay, hers is just hidden under a prettier package. The only thing she has working for her is her pleasing appearance; she has no presence or personality on camera, and her food seems just okay. It would make sense if she was married to some higher-up executive at the Food Network, at least that would explain why she’s given so many opportunities, but I don’t believe she is.

5. Jamie Oliver

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Jamie Oliver

We get it, you’re British and everybody eats like shit. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

4. Gordon Ramsay

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Gordon Ramsay

As evidenced by the many shows of Ramsay’s in the UK and North America, the whole asshole roleplay thing is a schtick. A schtick that gets ratings – especially that time he made a chef call herself an “idiot sandwich” as he held two pieces of bread on either side of her face. He’s also not afraid to swear like a sailor, which is awesome, nor is he afraid to call an overweight person a cow for no reason whatsoever. This unique attitude paired with his culinary talents, British accent and unique, only-a-British-guy-could-pull-it-off hairdo, are the many reasons we’ve loved Gordon Ramsay all these years.

3. Guy Fieri

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Guy Fieri

You may not like his frosted-tips or his fire-emblazoned bowling shirts, but most everything Guy – who’s middle name is “Ramsay”, oddly enough – does on television is extremely successful (“Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and “Guy’s Grocery Games”, for example). Some discount him as a douche, which, I’ll admit, is evident, but his charm and willingness to eat an entire burger on camera without giving a shit about napkins or weight gain makes up for it. Also, he’s responsible for the best food porn on TV, so we can forgive him for the style misses and overused catchphrases.

2. Duff Goldman

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, duff goldman

The best part about Duff is that he seems incredibly down to earth and genuine. Duff comes across as the kind of guy you’d grab a beer with after work, but could also make you a cake that looks exactly like your dog. As the first male pastry chef in a reality series on television, “Ace of Cakes” (the original “Cake Boss”, if you will), Duff has since become a Food Network staple making appearances as a judge and guest judge on television shows such as “Duff Till Dawn” and “Kids Baking Championship”. And everybody wants to see more of him.

1. Martha Stewart

10 Celebrity Chefs Ranked, Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was undoubtedly a pioneer in the celebrity chef movement, and though she can seem somewhat boring on screen, she eventually proved to be the ultimate bad bitch in culinary, having served time in prison for conspiracy and obstruction of justice in an insider stock trade case, and was debatably the funniest act on Comedy Central’s roast of Justin Bieber (and yes, I understand most of it was probably written for her).