15 Celebrities Who Are Starting To Look Like Much Older Celebrities

It’s hard to imagine how someone’s physical appearance will change as they get older. This is especially true when it comes to the people we keep our eyes on the most: celebrities. For every celeb who doesn’t seem to age whatsoever (i.e. John Stamos), there are a dozen more who do so less than gracefully (i.e. Marlon Brando). Unfortunately, we don’t possess the technology here at Mandatory to render an image of what said transformation will entail, but there are other methods that are just as effective. For instance, many are already on course to closely resemble a much older celebrity by the time they reach their age, and the cracks are starting to show even now. Take a look for yourself at 15 prime candidates.

15 Celebrities Who Look Like Older Celebrities

So there you have out. Outside of a few obviously absurd examples, we think we proved out point rather eloquently. And now for the part where you tell us we’re crazy in the comments.

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