What You Can Learn About Getting Women From David Spade

David Spade is short, over 50 years old and not particularly handsome by Hollywood standards. None of that stops him from dating more hot actresses and models than most talent agencies have on their roster. Haters will claim the girls are only attracted to his money and fame. That might play a part, but there is no way those are the only reasons. There are plenty of better-looking guys in Los Angeles who are richer and more famous than him, yet he’s the one known as DiCaprio Lite. How does he do it? It turns out he’s a relatively normal guy. He just does these simple things that anyone else can follow and reap similar female rewards.

Sense Of Humor
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Wome
This is obvious but it’s still one of the biggest one turn-ons for women. He’s absurd, self-deprecating, and sarcastic as hell. Most importantly, he’s stayed funny over three decades, unlike other SNL alumni. While you won’t be as funny as him, you need to always maintain your sense of humor. (Pictured: David Spade with model Jillian Grace and their daughter Harper)

I’m still upset I missed this Jillian Grace book signing:

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women

Dresses Well
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
Paparazzi follow Spade constantly and yet you almost never see a down-and-out photo of him. He always looks like he is either coming from or going to a party. He choose a great look, relaxed casual and trendy, and keeps up appearances. (Pictured: Spade with model Selita Ebanks)

Banks has nice beach wear, too:

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
David Spade is successful on all accounts. His achievements have more than paid the bills but that hasn’t stopped him from working hard. He still sticks to his roots and books stand up comedy across the country all while he has recently written a book and starred in a new movie.

Accentuates Good Features
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
Sure, Spade is only 5’7″ and his body type might be “a little girlish,” but the dude’s got a healthy head of hair and flaunts it. He lets it grow and conditions those long blond locks. Girls will overlook other negative physical features if you give them a reason to, like great hair. (Pictured: Spade with “Joe Dirt” co-star Brittany Daniel)

This is a nice view of Brittany Daniel as well:

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women

Asks Out Hot Ladies

If he only asked out women who were “in his league,” we’d never be writing this article. Gorgeous women often complain about not being asked out (catcalls don’t count) because men are intimidated. There is power in just asking a woman out. So, be like Spade, summon up that self-esteem, and go for it. You have to play to win and he is always in line for a lottery ticket. (Pictured: Spade leaving restaurant after having dinner with two female companions)

Doesn’t Kiss And Tell
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
There are a lot of rumors about whom he has dated. And the list includes many of the hottest babes of the last 20 years. Yet, we learn about these escapades through media and other’s stories. When he goes on Howard Stern, he’s hilarious but almost never gets cornered into talking about his love life. He is modest when he discusses his past and doesn’t parade around like a teenager. (Pictured: Spade and actress Nicky Whelan)

Just a typical gym day for Whelan:

nickey whelan

Keeps His Sh*t Together
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
Normally, celebrity playboys have some story about a DUI, prostitute, melt down, or picture of a coke-ringed nose. Not him, he has a way to keep it together and under control over what we could only assume is the highest of temptation circumstances. (Pictured: Spade and actress Julie Bowen)

Sometimes Bowen doesn’t like to wear a jacket, and that’s okay:

Keeps Fit

Spade seems the same size he was when he first got SNL. Maybe he’s just lucky with great genes or maybe he a cardio junkie, either way it keeps him looking young. You never think, “Those were his fat years.” Do whatever it takes for your body to stay trim. (Pictured: Spade and model Charlotte McKinney)

We appreciate this outfit from McKinney, too:

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women

Knows Where The Party’s At
David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women
Like a Jedi of the new-and-noteworthy, David is always seen at the most sought after events. Without appearing to have a social agenda, he enjoys the parties and continues to make connections to get the next invite. While we can’t go to A-List events, you should always know what cool events are going on around you.


You would think with all of the good luck it would have gone to his head. Nope, he still makes fun of himself first and hasn’t lost his ability to not take himself too seriously. (Pictured: Spade and actress Nicollette Sheridan)

I think David is thinking of Nicole Sheridan like this:

David Spade, How David Spade Gets Women