‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Basically The WWF’s Attitude Era

Everyone just loves “Orange Is the New Black,” but few realize how similar it is to the glorious period of professional wrestling known as “The Attitude Era.” The time frame from 1997-2002 was the peak of popularity for the WWE (which was still the WWF at the time).

Here are ten different story lines and characters from each program that line up with each other. So if your significant other is into “Orange Is the New Black” and you’re not, you can just pretend it’s a re-creation of the WWF story lines.

*Editor’s Note: If you aren’t caught up on either program, there are a lot of *SPOILERS*, so proceed cautiously.

1. Alex Screws Piper Over in Court

Piper had to move to a city that’s foreign to her in order to testify against Alex’s drug boss. Alex lays out a game plan for how they’ll handle themselves on the stand that would protect them both. However, after Piper holds up her end of the agreement, Alex screws her over and does what’s best for only her. The story ends with one of them leaving the prison for good, but we do see her make a return later on.

The Montreal Screwjob

Bret Hart was taking on Shawn Michael in Montreal in 1997. Their boss, Mr. McMahon, had laid out a plan that would let Bret win the title, but give it up the following night on “Raw.” It would seemingly work out best for both he and the WWF. However, after Hart held up his end of the agreement in doing the match, he was screwed over by McMahon and Shawn Michaels. The story ends with Hart spitting on McMahon, destroying the set and leaving the WWF for good. But we do see him eventually make a return to the WWE years later after WCW had shut down.

2. Galina “Red” Reznikov and Yvonne “Vee” Parker

Red ran a smuggling business that was operating quite well. She had loyal followers that trusted and respected her. That is, until Vee came in and manipulated them into following her instead and got them to their backs on Red. Red seema to have less and less pull as the show progresses, while Vee is becoming one of the most dominant figures in the prison.

Farooq and The Rock Battle for Control of the Nation of Domination

This story is basically the same thing as the parallel story in “Orange Is the New Black.” Farooq had controlled the Nation of Domination for quite some time with the absence of The Rock. When The Rock returned, he immediately began working to take over control of the group and push Farooq out. Within just a short time he had become the dominant figure and Farooq became less and less important. It’s clear which of the two went on to have the more successful career.

3. Piper Is Disappointed With Her Weekend Pass From Prison

Alex gets a pass for a few days to attend the funeral of her grandmother. She expects it to be a fantastic time hanging out with old friends and just enjoying her freedom. She quickly learns that things have drastically changed and after a terrible experience seems to look forward to returning to the place she thought she hated.

X-Pac Is Disappointed With His Time in WCW

In 1996, X-Pac left the WWF and joined his friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at WCW. It was supposed to be a huge move for him as he would have more money and freedom than ever before. He quickly discovered it wasn’t what he had hoped, as he immediately clashed with Eric Bishoff. In 1998, after a short absence from the WWF, he happily returned to the place that he seemed to have disliked so much before.

4. Piper Finally Fights Tiffany Doggett

At the end of season one, the tension between Piper and Doggett was at an all time high. Doggett had been antagonizing Piper and provoking her time after time. Finally the tension came to a head and Piper severely beat Doggett. No one had ever stood up to her that way and it changed how everyone looked at Piper, as well as Doggett, forever.

Steve Austin Finally Stuns Vince McMahon

Some feel that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one to usher in the iconic Attitude Era of the WWF. McMahon, just like Doggett, claimed to be the voice of reason and continually confronted Austin. With a group of officers standing nearby, Austin shocked the world as he hit Vince McMahon with a Stone Cold Stunner and changed the way everyone looked at Austin, as well as McMahon, forever.

5. Larry Leaves Piper for the Most Unlikely Companion

Larry finally grows tired of his pseudo relationship with Piper and ends up getting with the most unlikely partner: Polly.

Goldust Leaves Marlena for the Most Unlikely Companion

In 1997, Goldust grew tired of having Marlena accompany him to the ring and ended their relationship. After that he joined with the most unlikely partner of all: Luna Vachon.

6. Everyone Is Shocked and Disgusted When Bennett (a Guard) Gets Diaz (a Prisoner) Pregnant

The forbidden relationship between Bennett and Diaz took a huge turn when it was revealed that Diaz was pregnant. It’s been one of the biggest story lines for both seasons, as everyone has been fascinated with a story involving a controversial pregnancy.

Mark Henry Gets Mae Young Pregnant

In 2000, the 77-year-old Mae Young was involved in a storyline where she was dating Mark Henry. It was soon revealed that she was pregnant with Henry’s baby. Obviously everyone was fascinated with a story involving such a controversial pregnancy, however I don’t see Diaz’s pregnancy ending the same way Young’s did. If you don’t remember or blocked it out of your memory, Mae Young ended up giving birth to a rubber hand.

7. Natalie Figueroa

The Executive Assistant to the Warden of Litchfield is hated by all the inmates because she will do whatever it takes to get her way. She is surrounded by her mindless henchmen and does whatever it takes to shut down any opposition.

Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon is the owner of the WWE, but his character was much more demonstrative. He would do anything to get his way, including stepping into the ring and taking on the top names in the industry. He was also surrounded by his henchmen, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson.

8. Tasha and Crazy Eyes

The duo wasn’t very successful on their own, but once they joined forces under Vee and started breaking all the rules, they became more powerful than at any point during their time in Litchfield.

New Age Outlaws

Billy Gunn and Jesse James had very little success on their own, but once they joined forces under DX and started breaking all the rules, they became one of the most popular and powerful tag teams in the WWF.

9. Nicky Nichols

Nichols is a beloved character that often doesn’t get the attention she deserves because her character is so focused on sexual, comical story lines.

Val Venis

Venis was an amazing talent, and while he saw some success, he was never taken too seriously because all of his story lines were focused on sexual, comical elements.

10. George Mendez

The controversial corrections officer had some of the most disturbing moments in the first two seasons of the show. He was abusive and constantly crossed the line.

Big Boss Man

The Big Boss man had been around for years, but during the Attitude Era the corrections officer had some truly disturbing moments. The one that stands out in particular is when he went to The Big Show’s father’s funeral and dragged the casket down the road while it was tied to the back of his car.