Watch 17-Year-Old Tupac Rap Poetic

Photo: Al Pereira (Getty Images)

It’s been two decades since Tupac Shakur‘s death, yet the polarizing pop cultural icon seems as relevant today as he was back then.

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Part of Tupac’s greatness was how he was so many things to so many people (rapper, poet, actor, activist, convict, thug, angel thug) dying and some say rising (the Tupac conspiracy theories are endless) at the height of his powers at the head-scratching age of 25. 

To honor Tupac, we look back not at his amazing career, but the person he was as a 17 year old Bay Area kid from Tamalpais High School. The insightful interview shows a way beyond his years Tupac, shedding light into his unparalleled vision of a world that remains much the same today.