Discovery’s New Series Sacred Steel Bikes Premieres September 12th

Discovery is gearing up for motorcycle mania with the debut of its newest series Sacred Steel Bikes, premiering Monday, September 12th at 10pm as part of the network’s iconic Motor Mondays line-up.

The series, produced by Half Yard Productions, will take viewers inside one of the most exclusive and unusual bike clubs in the world that produces one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Sacred Steel Bikes debuts a week after Discovery Channel’s highly anticipated 3 part mini-series Harley and the Davidsons, which tells the story of the iconic Harley Davidson.

Rather than the stereotypical rough and tough biker crew one might expect, Sacred Steel Bikes follows a diverse group of elite individuals who come from a multitude of careers. From an Automotive Engineer to a Metal Fabricator to a high-end Beverly Hills Retail Associate, artisans from all spectrums of life are united in their passion for bike building and riding. The club has granted them a motorcycle oasis to live out their alter egos.

Jason Wilson opened shop with Sacred Steel over a decade ago and never looked back, crafting custom fabricated high-end choppers and painstakingly restoring American classics. From humble beginnings, Jason and his motley crew of misfit friends honed their mechanical skills and founded Douche Larouche, now a full-fledged institution, complete with bylaws, regular meetings and in chapters across the country and around the globe. The members have built a tight-knit brotherhood who have each-others back all while having the time of their lives.

Each year, Jason and the team transform dozens of bikes into masterpieces. If the customer has the cash or the connections, there is no limit on what they can do. Through favors to other members, neighboring chapters, and friends of friends, Jason has grown an immense clientele alongside his wild crew. Sacred Steel Bikes captures the build along with the adrenalin-fueled world of bikers.  The guys are as loud as their bikes – and enjoy having fun along the ride.

Sacred Steel Bikes premieres on September 12th at 10pm.

Photo: Discovery/Sacred Steel Bikes


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