No Man’s Sky’s Number of Players Have Dropped by 89%

No Man’s Sky‘s number of concurrent players have suffered a massive 89% drop since the game’s launch last week, with it having peaked at 22,935 players within the past 24 hours compared to the 212,613 players it attracted on its launch day.

The game has been heavily criticized since its release, with many feeling dissatisfied by developer Hello Games’ end product after two years of hyperbolic marketing. This disappointment is now reflected in the number of PC players returning to the game a week after its release, with it swiftly falling out of the top 20 most played games on Steam and with its descent showing no signs of slowing down.

The space exploration game received mixed reviews, with its PC port being given a Metascore rating of 64. Steam users were similarly divided over it, with it only managing a 51% positive rating out of the 50,000 user reviews that were posted.

The huge drop in No Man’s Sky‘s number of players, outlined by Steam tracking site Steamdb, is a far cry from the impact many expected the game to have. With a procedurally generated universe boasting a reported 18 quintillion planets, many had hoped that the game would hold their attention for months following its launch, with these numbers now highlighting that this isn’t the case. Hello Games is planning DLC for the game a little further down the road, so maybe that will convince players to give it another shot in the near future.