Overwatch Support Players are “Getting Screwed” in Season 2

Overwatch support players will reportedly “getting screwed” in season 2 of the game’s competitive mode, with Blizzard overlooking them in its rating system in favor of awarding higher rankings to damage-dealing players.

This imbalance is as a result of the ranking system awarding players based upon individual performance, with YouTuber Force Gaming explaining that if an above-average support player is playing alongside other above-average teammates, as a result they will not receive as great a reward as a result of them not being utilized as much if they were playing with average or below-average teammates.

This means that if you’re playing as a support Hero alongside a bunch of your friends who are decent at the game, they are allegedly more likely to rank up faster than you. As Force Gaming explains, roughly 90% of the top-rated Overwatch players in the world play as damage-dealing Heroes, giving this theory more credibility. 

Unfortunately this issue is going to become much more prevalent in season 2, with Blizzard enforcing a new stipulation which will mean players will need to be within 10 ranks of one another in order to play together. In season 1 players only needed to be within 50 ranks of one another, which is lenient enough to go by unnoticed, but the 10 rank limitations means that Support players taking part in the current test run of this new competitive play change are reporting that given this fault with the ranking system, they have often found themselves no longer able to play on the same team as their friends as a result of ranking slower than them.

You can check out Force Gaming’s complete analysis of this issue in the below video: