Penn and Teller Meet Spider-Man & Deadpool In New Comic

Spider-Man and Deadpool may not always get along, but they’ve been a reliable comedy duo in Joe Kelley’s Spider-Man/Deadpool comic. Now, Kelley is taking an issue off, which will allow guest-writer Penn Jillette to introduce Spidey and Deadpool to another famous dup: Penn and Teller!

Newsarama was the first to report the news, which was officially announced on the This Week in Marvel podcast. Jillette will be joined by artist Scott Koblish on Spider-Man/Deadpool # 11, which will be released in November. Jillette also appeared on the podcast and added that “”I had to mull it over for like 2 or 3 seconds…I mean, what book could be more exciting?…Of all the characters in comic books, it doesn’t get better than Deadpool and Spider-Man. It’s a dream come true for a lot of things.”

Spider-Man and Deadpool Meet Penn and Teller

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If the cover is any indication, this story may team Spider-Man with the always silent Teller, while the always talkative Deadpool will get paired with Jillette.

This isn’t the first time that Spidey has appeared alongside real comedians in the comic book world. Some of his previous team ups include the early cast of Saturday Night Live and Stephen Colbert.  Even Jillette has a short history with comics. Back in 1989, Jillette contributed to Detective Comics # 600, and he also wrote a short story for Dark Horse Presents in 1998. In 1999, Jillette was joined by artist Renée French on the one-shot comic book, The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers and Chunky Highlights; which was published by Oni Press. 

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics