No Man’s Sky is the Second Fastest Selling PS4 Game Ever

No Man’s Sky enjoyed the second biggest PS4 launch ever in the UK, with it falling just behind Uncharted 4 in terms of sales while going on to become the fastest selling new IP on Sony’s console.

According to new stats released by Chart-Track, Hello Games’ space exploration sim sits fifth behind Destiny, Watch Dogs, The Getaway and The Last of Us in terms of new IP across all publishers and Sony formats. This makes it one of the most successful new IP launches in PlayStation history.

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No Man’s Sky has attracted a middling critical reception, with Crave awarding it a 6/10 in our own review. However, that hasn’t prevented many from wanting to try out the game for themselves, with it also having generated a lot of interest on Steam. On its PC launch day No Man’s Sky reeled in a whopping 212,321 concurrent players, despite the game suffering from problems on the platform including frequent crashes and a stuttering frame rate. Fortunately a solution to this frame rate issue was eventually uncovered.

Though it’s no surprise that No Man’s Sky performed well given the tremendous amount of excitement surrounding its release, these are still massive numbers that will stand to make it one of the most financially successful indie games of all time. With it now having bested From Software’s Bloodborne as the PS4’s most successful new IP, Hello Games and Sony might be a little disheartened by its poor critical reception, but they will no doubt be over the moon with the numbers the game has pulled in.