Mike Mignola’s ‘Hellboy’ Returns In 2017 With New Graphic Novel

Hellboy is dead. But when has Mike Mignola ever let that get in the way of a good story? Earlier this year, Mignola wrapped up his Hellboy in Hell series and seemingly put his fan-favorite character on the shelf with an enigmatic ending. But because Hellboy lived a very long life, there are still plenty of hidden chapters to explore.  

Dark Horse has announced that Mignola will be teaming up with Gary Gianni on Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea, a new original graphic novel that will take place shortly after “The Island,” a two-issue Hellboy miniseries that was published over a decade ago. In that story, Hellboy escaped a seemingly haunted island after learning the bizarre history of the world. Into the Silent Sea will find Hellboy as the captive of a crew of ghost pirates who plan to sell him to a freakshow. However, the captain of the ghost ship may doom them all in the “pursuit of a powerful sea creature.”

Hellboy Into The Silent Sea

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Gianni will be co-writing Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea with Mignola, and providing the interior artwork with colorist Dave Stewart. Mignola’s cover for the graphic novel has already been released and posted above.

“I imagine if Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea were a movie, the Hollywood hyperbole would describe it as Hellboy’s greatest adventure,” said Gianni in a statement released by Dark Horse Comics. “Yes… it’s Hellboy as you’ve never seen him before, laughing , loving and battling his way across the stormy seas! You’ll be thrilled as he faces cosmic forces terrorizing a haunted ship manned by a desperate crew! Be sure not to miss Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea, the biggest comic book event of the year!”

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea will be released in Spring 2017.

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Photo Credit: Dark Horse Comics