Exclusive First Look | ‘Baltimore: The Red Kingdom’ Hard Cover

Earlier this year, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s Baltimore alternate world saga came to an end in Baltimore: The Red Kingdom. It was the final story of Lord Henry Baltimore and his allies after they failed to halt the advance of the Red King and his army of monsters and vampires. Years later, Lord Baltimore was believed to be dead by his closest friends as he went underground to discover a way to end the Red King’s evil once and for all. This story chronicles the reunion of the friends and allies as they make one last push to save humanity.

For the final adventure, Mignola and Golden once again reunited with artist Peter Bergting, colorist Michelle Madsen, and cover artist Ben Stenbeck. This October, all five issues of Baltimore: The Red Kingdom will be collected into a single hardcover edition. Today, CraveOnline is exclusively previewing a few pages from Bergting’s Baltimore sketchbook, which will be included in the new hardcover.


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Here’s Dark Horse’s description of Baltimore: The Red Kingdom hardcover:

“The Red King amasses power on his way to the Vatican coronation while his armies sweep across Europe in an unholy war. Lord Baltimore is missing and his allies are scattered across the continent. Is there any chance left for the resistance to stem the oncoming tide before the world is drowned in blood?”

Baltimore: The Red Kingdom hardcover will be released on October 31.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Dark Horse Comics