‘No Man’s Sky’ Universe Already Has Planets Dedicated to Harambe, Boaty McBoatface

Still a day away from its official release, a few lucky so n’ sos have managed to get the hands on No Man’s Sky and so far our first explores into the unknown have not let us down. Sure, the game promises a universe full of yet-to-be-discovered creatures and entities but the first thriving entity discovered in the No Man’s Sky universe? Memes. 

One of the most intriguing features of the game is player ability to name newly discovered worlds. When given free reign over naming things, human beings don’t have a great record and the same can be said for No Man’s Sky

Already, a planet has been named Harambe, after the 17-year-old Gorilla-cum-meme shot dead earlier in the year. Planet McPlanetface was always going to be a thing and, lo and behold, there it is. Of course, there’s always going to be that one person who goes with Poopland, which Developer Sean Murray confirmed has been logged. 

According to Games Radar, despite their best efforts to filter any profanities from the naming process, Murray was well aware that the human race is “very ingenious” and therefore, “they find a way, they’ll always find a way to write the name of genitals”.

Anyway, chances of running into these types of people in the game are fortunately fairly slim, considering the vast network of 18 quintillion different planets. If you’re yet to commit to the hype of the game so close to its August 10 release, well, we’ll just leave this right here…