Read The Entire First Issue of ‘Joe Golem: Occult Detective’

Back in 2012, the creator of Hellboy introduced the world to his newest hero, Joe Golem in an illustrated novel: Joe Golem and the Drowning City. Now, Mike Mignola and his co-writer, Christopher Golden have brought their creation to comics with the limited series Joe Golem: Occult Detective!

Alongside artist Patric Reynolds, colorist Dave Stewart, and cover artist Dave Palumbo, Mignola and Golden fleshed out their titular character and the alternate world which he inhabited. In this timeline, New York City was devastated by an earthquake four decades before the story that left most of Manhattan underwater. Hence the city’s new nickname: the Drowning City.

As for Joe himself, he really is a Golem, although he appears to be unaware of his true nature at this point in the story. To celebrate the upcoming release of the Joe Golem hardcover in bookstores on Tuesday, August 2, CraveOnline is proud to exclusively present the entire first issue of Joe Golem # 1, which you can read in this post for free.

The beginning of the story picks up with private investigator Simon Church mourning the loss of another partner. But in his grief, Church bares witness to the miraculous awakening of the Golem who would become his new partner. And from there, a new adventure awaits! 


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Photo Credits: All images provided by Dark Horse Comics