Comic-Con 2016 Video | ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Cast & Producers

It’s been a long journey to get Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s classic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke into an animated movie, but that journey came to an end with the world premiere of the film at Comic-Con 2016!

Ahead of the first ever screening of the film for a packed crowd at Comic-Con, CraveOnline was given a chance to speak with several of the cast members and producers. Sadly, Mark Hamill could not make it, but he made a vocal cameo at the screening when he called in as himself and the Joker.

Even without Hamill’s physical presence, iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy couldn’t stop praising his co-star’s performance as the Joker in this film. Legendary animation producer Bruce Timm told us that nothing was left out of Moore’s original story, and he reflected on the many years it took to bring the project to fruition. Tara Strong shared her favorite aspects of Barbara Gordon in this movie and voiced her desire to bring Oracle to life in a future animated project. Screenwriter Brian Azzarello spoke very briefly about giving Barbara Gordon a character arc, while Ray Wise was welcomed to the Bat-family as Commissioner Gordon and told us about Gordon’s journey in the film.

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If you couldn’t catch Batman: The Killing Joke at Comic-Con, Fathom Events is running a two-night nationwide screening of the film on Monday, July 25, and Tuesday, July 26. It will hit DVD and Blu-ray on August 2.

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Photo Credit: CraveOnline


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