Terry Crews Becomes a PC Gamer, Starts Up Twitch Account

Terry Crews has entered into the world of PC gaming, after playing Battlefield 1 at E3 2016 alongside Snoop Dogg convinced him to invest in a rig.

The actor stated his desire to invest in a gaming PC earlier this month, posting a video to Facebook outlining the hardware he had purchased in order to create his first rig. As noted by our sister site GameRevolution, the White Chicks star made the decision to plump up the cash for the PC after taking part in a celebrity-filled session of Battlefield 1 at this year’s E3 expo. Although Crews didn’t fare too well at the upcoming FPS – he finished in last place – it seems that he was bitten by the bug and is now looking to improve his skills before the game launches later this year.

In a new video posted to YouTube Crews shows off his rig to his fans, expressing the difficulty he had in setting it up but saying that he is now going to make improvements to his handiwork, with him first looking to add a new monitor to his setup in order to complement his 34-inch Acer Predator X34. His son Isaiah can be seen in the background of the video, enjoying a session of Rocket League.

Crews also stated that he has created a Twitch account and is looking to live stream footage of himself playing games in the near future, though didn’t reveal what his handle on the site will be. We look forward to seeing all of the copious Terry Crews emotes that will inevitably flood his channel’s chat.

Check out the video of Crews revealing his new PC below:

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer / Getty Images