The Rock Says Terry Crews Should Voice Doomfist in Overwatch

Terry Crews has already stated that he would love to voice the character of Doomfist in Overwatch, but now he’s received some substantial celebrity backing in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The wrestler-turned-actor pledged his support to Crews’ efforts to voice the potential DLC character, saying: “This man’s voice even has bad assery muscles [sic].” Crews has been using social media to get fans to back him in his efforts to portray the villain, who has thus far only been referenced in the game’s lore and has not yet made his debut appearance.

Considering that The Rock has 10.7 million Twitter followers, with him being one of the most popular celebrities on the platform, it seems incredibly likely that Crews’ ambitions will be realized. When you also take into account that even Doomfist’s appearance hasn’t  been revealed by Blizzard yet, it would therefore make it possible for the developer to create him with Crews’ famous, booming voice in mind.

The skeptic in me would suggest that Blizzard has already finalized a deal with Crews, and that this is all very savvy marketing on behalf of both parties. With the actor’s unofficial campaign to lend his voice to Overwatch having attracted a great deal of attention online, leading to thousands upon thousands of comments of support across Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, more eyes are definitely on the game. Either way, it’d still be great to see Crews make his way into the game, granting some added star power to our 2016 Game of the Year.

Image Credit: Jesse Grant / Getty Images + Blizzard Entertainment