Kanan Jarrus is a Blind Samurai Jedi in Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Image Credit: Paul Tamburro / CraveOnline

Kanan Jarrus was left permanently scarred at the end of Star Wars Rebels season two, with the Jedi being blinded following a battle with Darth Maul. During the Star Wars Rebels season three panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe, his brand new look was revealed.

During the panel, hosted by Warwick Davis, attendees were informed that Kanan’s injury “changes the way he looks at life, makes him a better Jedi and more compelling in the long run.”

Kanan’s new design takes inspiration from samurai movies, with his blindness contributing to him adopting a completely new perspective in the next season of the series. According to Rebels‘ producer Dave Filoni, we can expect a wiser and more powerful Kanan as a result of his visual impairment. 


Image Credit: Paul Tamburro / CraveOnline

Along with the above image highlighting Kanan’s new look, the panel also revealed a new image showing a close-up of the design, which features a hood cloaking the hero’s eyes. A small exclusive clip featuring Kanan and Darth Maul was also shown, featuring Kanan being jettisoned out of a spacecraft by Darth Maul.

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