Countdown to Comic-Con 2016 | The Top Five TV Panels

It’s just one more week until Comic-Con 2016, and this year, television is taking the convention by storm. Fans will flood into the biggest panels of the year to get a glimpse at hit series like Game of ThronesAsh vs. Evil Dead and many, many more. In fact, there are so may TV panels at Comic-Con 2016 that it may be hard to decide which ones you need to make your top priority, since going to one panel usually means missing another, and in the case of the biggest events, sometimes missing a lot of other opportunities because you have to stay in line so long ahead of time.

Fortunately, Crave has you covered. Jenna Busch is here to guide you through the top five TV panels of Comic-Con 2016. If you see only five TV panels this year, these are the ones you need to turn into your top priority.

Check out the video, and keeping coming back to Crave for more Comic-Con previews and coverage!

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Top Images: CraveOnline / HBO