Exclusive Preview | The Art & Making of Independence Day: Resurgence

We always knew that the aliens from Independence Day would be back, but it was pretty convenient that they showed up exactly 20 years later! The second wave arrived in Independence Day: Resurgence, as the invaders went up against a unified humanity sublimated by alien tech…and it wasn’t enough to prevent the onslaught. 

This week, Titan Books has released The Art & Making of Independence Day: Resurgence, a new chronicle that goes back to the War of 96 to depict the aftermath of the first invasion, the restoration of the planet through alien technology, and the devastating attacks depicted in the film with pages and photos dedicated to the design and schematics of the alien ships, the hybrid fighters, the weapons, creatures, and everything else.   

Titan Books has provided CraveOnline with an exclusive look inside of the book, along with the descriptions that go along with each picture.

Rough Sketches showing overhead views of the huge base, the earth just visible beyond the horizon.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 8Indpendence Day Resurgence 9

Concept art of Levinson, Catherine and Floyd arriving in Africa.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 5

Concept art showing the ship powering through our Solar system

Indpendence Day Resurgence 2

Concept art of the AI ship.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 1

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A schematic of how the AI sphere is nested inside the wreckage of its ship.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 4

The beginning of the attack.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 3

Early sketches of the colonists.

Indpendence Day Resurgence 6 Indpendence Day Resurgence 7

The Art and Making of Independence Day Resurgence cover

The Art & Making of Independence Day: Resurgence is out in bookstores everywhere. You can also order it from Amazon here.

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