Justin Trudeau Is Now A Marvel Comic Book Hero?

Is there anything our Prime Minister can’t do? Now he’s a superhero, and a Marvel one at that. PM Justin Trudeau is the latest cover on a Marvel comic book, replacing the cover for Marvel’s Civil War II: Choosing Sides

Trudeau is dressed as a boxer and is wearing (what else?) a maple leaf shirt and red boxing gloves. Artist Ramon Perez told the BBC, “Rather than do a stuffy suit and tie rendition of our [prime minister], I wanted to bring forth more of his personality… He has a very youthful demographic and is present in social media. As well, he has a boxing history, and boxing itself being a part of the short story he appears in, it was the perfect fit.”

He later told The Canadian Press, “I actually look like I have a bit of an altar to Justin Trudeau on my computer… I have about 20 photos of him lined up on my monitor as I’m drawing and trying to make sure from every angle I’m tackling him on, I’m trying to do my best representation of him. Not only getting that likeness, but also translating his personality in that likeness as well.”

The Justin Trudeau comic is scheduled to come out in August of this year.

Photo: Marvel/Ramon Perez


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