MLB All-Star 2016: It’s Shocking Which Players I Voted For

Every summer I make a conscious effort to vote several times for the MLB All-Star Game. I also make a conscious effort to wait until the last week to vote, in order to take into account the largest, and most fair, sample size.

Way too many times have we seen relatively unknown players get off to hot starts the first two months of the season, make the All-Star team, only to crap out the remainder of the year, if not the rest of their careers. Remember when Omar Infante was an All-Star?

There are also star players who get voted in who unquestionably don’t deserve to be on the All-Star team. Derek Jeter batted .256 with 4 HRs his final “All-Star” season.

So how do you differentiate between the posers and the real All-Stars? Simply give your vote to who is actually playing like an All-Star!

Sounds simple. But it’s very tough. And in all my years of All-Star voting, I’m shocked by some of these names I put on my starting ballot.

In case you’re unfamiliar, fans only get to vote for the starting lineups. 

After a ridiculously over-thought self-debate, here is who is getting my vote:


Be honest. How many of those names are you truly familiar with? 

American League

Who I’m voting for

Mike Trout – Easily one of the best players in the game.

You know Miggy Cabrera, Sal Perez and Big Papi. Possibly you know Jose Altuve and Manny Machado. But the other three? Two huge stars on the rise and one was a shocker.

Xander Bogaerts is the shortstop for the Red Sox. Mookie Betts is an outfielder who also plays a little at second base. Both are two huge stars on the rise. In fact, Bogaerts is first in AL batting with a .345 average. And Mookie. Ohhhh Mookie. He’s already on pace for a 30 HR, 20 SB season while hitting .291.

Mark Trumbo is the big surprise here. The 30-year-old is on pace to smash is previous career high of 34 HRs, already jacking 21 so far this year, which ties for the Major League lead. He’s also hitting .276 – which again, is a career high.

Who I’m NOT voting for

Jackie Bradley Jr. – OF, Red Sox: Is having a monster year but Trumbo gets the nod with all the HRs and RBI, yet still producing a high average. However, with Bradley’s defense, I can understand the vote here.

Eric Hosmer – 1B, Royals: Miggy had the edge with more HRs and RBI

Troy Tulowitizki, SS – Blue Jays: Having the worst year of his career, hitting .217

Prince Fielder, 1B – Rangers: Only hitting .210 with 6 HRs.

Jose Bautista, OF – Blue Jays: Has 12 HRs, but only hitting .230.

National League

Who I’m voting for

Even more surprises here.

The locks are Nolan Arenado, Ryan Braun and Anthony Rizzo. But the rest? WOWZA!

We knew two years ago Marcell Ozuna had some serious pop, but this year the Miami outfielder has put it all together, hitting .320 with 16 bombs. 

Daniel Murphy has continued his torrid pace after last year’s huge playoff run, leading the Majors in average (.354) while still hitting 12 HRs and leading all NL 2B in RBIs (48).

No one deserves to be starting catcher more than Wilson Ramos. The Nationals catcher is hitting a ridiculous .342 with 12 HRs and 41 RBI.

Jonathan Villar has come out of nowhere to swipe 26 bags (leading the Majors) and hitting .299.

Then there’s Starling Marte, a player baseball fans have known for awhile is a star, but is just now enjoying a big coming out party, hitting .328/6/20 so far this year.

Who I’m NOT voting for

Ben Zobrist, 2B – Cubs: Cubs fans, just stop it. Zobrist is having a solid year, but nowhere near what Murphy is doing.

Yadier Molina, C – Cardinals: I’m a Cards fan. I get it. Yadi is still the best behind the plate, but Ramos deserves it more this season. 

Kris Bryant, 3B – Cubs: More Cubs homers here. Addison Russell and Dexter Fowler fall into this category as well …. Guys, they’re great. But are they Arenado and Braun?? No.

Trevor Story, SS – Rockies: The hottest start in the history of baseball deserves to be on the All-Star team, but he strikes out a ton and is still only batting .266. I’m taking Villar.

Bryce Harper, OF – Nationals: Obviously the dude makes the team. When he’s on, he’s the best. But his batting average has dipped to a pedestrian .252.

Here’s another look at my 2016 starting roster, the players I feel actually DESERVE to be starting in the 2016 All-Star Game.


You can see which players are currently leading in the All-Star votes here via CBS Sports and here via MLB.

You can vote for your favorite players here until June 30.

Excluding Cubbies, who did I miss? Feel free to tell me by following the links below. 

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