Icelandic Commentator’s Head Explodes Following Euro Goal

Al Michaels’ “do you believe in miracles?!”

Jack Buck’s “I don’t believe what I just saw!”

And now, add Gummi Ben’s “!!!!(*$&#(*&#$(*&#$(&#(&$!!!!!!!!”

The Icelander had an all-time ‘call’ to go along with his home country’s all-time win earlier this week. Iceland knocked in a late goal in the 94th minute against Austria to capture their ticket into the Euro 16 for the first time ever.

You’ll notice the commentator (who’s real name is Gudmundur Benediktsson) begins to absolutely lose it long before the goal goes in, noticing there’s a three-on-one approaching the net. And once the goal does go in, it sounds like a horrific scene out of National Geographic.


Below is the attempt at the translation via the Reykjavic Grapevine. However, Ben acknowledges he’s not even quite sure what he said after the Arnor Yngvi Traustason goal, even after replaying it back.

“It’s all open! Theodór Elmar is alone here on their side of the pitch. They are three on two! Emmi (short for Elmar)! Go into the box! Go into the box! EMMI! Ahhh… Yes… Yes… Yes… YES… YES… Jarghaah… we are winning this! We are through to the final 16! We are through to the final 16! We are winning Austria! The voice has gone! But that doesn´t matter! We have qualified! Arnór Yngvi Traustason scores! Iceland two Austria one! Þvílíkt og annað eins*! Þvílíkt og annað eins! What? The final whistle has been blown here, and never, ever have I felt so good! Arnór Yngvi Traustason securing our first victory! Never lost! Don’t forget… never lost! But the first victory a fact! Iceland two Austria one! Thanks for coming Austria! Thanks for coming!”

And just to put into perspective why Ben was so excited? Just look at his country’s past international results:

Euro 2000 – Did not qualify
2002 World Cup – Did not qualify
Euro 2004 – Did not qualify
2006 World Cup – Did not qualify
Euro 2008 – Did not qualify
2010 World Cup – Did not qualify
Euro 2012 – Did not qualify
2014 World Cup – Reached the play-offs
Euro 2016 – Qualified

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