New Music Playlist | Fourth of July Bangers

Photo: wundervisuals (Getty Images).

The keys to a good July 4th party are good food, cold beer and a banging playlist. Even the best party hosts often overlook the music aspect, simply programming a pre-fixed Fourth of July playlist where the music is a backdrop. Sorry, but no one wants to hear Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” except uncle Teddy and he’s been passed out on the couch after his fourth hot dog.

Luckily for you and us (if we’re invited to your rager — hint, hint), the music world has gifted us with some hot as a Brooklyn rooftop summer jams. Crave’s weekly New Music Playlist for this holiday weekend is like a good Fourth of July spread, offering a lil’ sumptin’ sumptin’ for everyone from the likes of DJ Khaled, Zhu, and J. Balvin. 

Dj Khaled – ‘I Got The Keys’ 

In case you forgot that the Snapchat king’s day job was as a hit-making producer, the social media philosopher reminded everyone at Sunday’s BET show when he debuted his latest off his upcoming album, “Major Key” (out July 29). DJ Khaled’s bouncy track, only available on Tidal and iTunes (as of now) featuring Jay-Z and Future is fire, so light up the barbecue, hit play and get the party started.

J Balvin – ‘Safari’ featuring Pharrell & Bia’

Colombian-born J Balvin is the latest find from Pharrell, who lends his falsetto (in Spanish!) to the reggaeton singer’s first single off his recently released Energia album. Skateboard P has done it again with a head-nodding beat drop that sets up a Tango like back-and-forth as Balvin’s smooth vocals grind up against Bia’s fiery raps. I got five on it that you will get a couple more “play it again’s” cause this track is more addicting than chips and guacamole.

Zhu – ‘Generation Why’

Impress your party peeps when they roll in with this song of summer contender that is sure to turn up the heat. Dance music’s mystery man has been teasing us with his upcoming second album (out July 29th) since Spring when he made a rare live appearance at Coachella’s infamous Sahara Tent. This sure to please single will arouse the crowd with Zhu’s trademark sex-ed up grooves, provocative ‘80s guitar solos and bikini-top dropping ear whispers.

Sofi Tukker – ‘Drinkee’

Fourth of July is basically an all day/night drinking party so why not just play this song on loop? The irresistible single off the New York indie dance music duo’s soon to be released album (Soft Animals coming out July 7) has been on my personal playlist for months, but the recently released video made me fall in love with it all over again. You may not know what the hell sexpot Sophie Hawley Weld is singing in Portuguese, but we all know what “drinkee” means. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Encore’

As the sun sets on the party, the pink-skinned and the dry-mouthed are going to be looking to wind down before the epic fireworks show. This pretty ditty from Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and company off their latest comeback album has an easy breezy SoCal vibe that evokes the Beatles (thanks to production by Danger Mouse), which will please everyone, especially Uncle Ted.

Kygo – ‘I’m In Love’ featuring James Vincent McMorrow

The reigning king of tropical house (yes, it’s a thing), but doesn’t have the same ring as “King of the North” (sorry, Game of Thrones spoiler), but The Norwegian music multi-hyphenate’s latest single featuring Irish crooner James Vincent McMorrow has the epic romantic feel of a lyrical and melodic fireworks show that builds, flows and finally explodes before drifting off into the night.

Riff Raff – ‘Only In America’

 We don’t live in Kid Rock’s “American Badass” era no more (thank you very much). No, today’s ‘Merica is more like Riff Raff’s, whose “Only In America” banger starts off with Martin Luther King’s iconic “I have a dream” speech that’s countered with the trap rapper’s “I Sip Codeine” response. The song is hilarious with a WTF “Only Americans Eat Duck Sauce” chorus, but the former MTV G’s to Gents star does manage to drop Harmony Korine-esque philosophy’s in-between the beats “Children growing up to be professional Snapchatters, Even substitute teachers, these days is battle rappers.” This is strictly a late night jam that will either clear the house of stragglers or keep the party going until dawn.