The Best Hookup Apps That Aren’t Too Sleazy

If the little boy scout inside your mind isn’t allowing you to enjoy all the sweetest fruit of modern civilization that is hookup app culture, we have a solution for you in the form of best hookup apps that aren’t too sleazy. All joking aside, some hookup apps can make even the smoothest Don Juan feel dirty, for various reasons. These five interesting apps can give your conscience a piece of mind in different ways and will definitely improve your dating life.

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Best Hookup Apps That Are Not Sleazy

1. Badoo

Badoo regards itself as a social network more than a hookup app, but if we’re being honest it’s a dating app at best. But its reputation and the image the company is pushing are great two reasons while it is one of the best hookup sites if you don’t want to feel sleazy. The app is pretty present worldwide and has 360 million members so you won’t feel marginalized for using it, it’s almost mainstream. Also, it will give you a big chance to match up with someone worthy.

2. Bumble

Probably the best hookup app for people who don’t want to feel sleazy as it really washes the men of possible sleaziness by placing the ball in the women’s court. With Bumble only the girl can start up a conversation after matching, which is not only great cause it will disable you from using some awful pickup lines to break the ice, but it will save you time. If the girl doesn’t start up the conversation in 24h since the match has been made it disappears, but the guy can prolonge the match if they really like the girl with is a nice, not-sleazy way of showing genuine interest.

3. Blendr

Blender is an app that is most inclined to the people who are shy or insecure in a way seeing how it allows you to hook up with someone who is near to you. Meaning that if you see a girl in a coffee place and you’re exchanging glares but you don’t have to guts to approach her, you could possibly find her on Blendr and start a conversation that way. You wuss. But Blendr wouldn’t be the best hookup app if it was somehow reserved only for people who exchanged looks, you can chat up anyone who has the app within your vicinity.

Also, people use it more as a dating app, which is in correlation to its nature of matching you with girls who frequent the same places you visit, as you’re more inclined to have shared interests.

4. Down

One of the main reasons people feel sleazy for using hookup apps that just quicken and ease up the most basic human instinct is that they are hooking up with total strangers. That where Down comes into play as it goes through your Facebook friend list, and their friends as well, and see if someone wants to hook up. When you affirmatively swipe, or better said, choose someone they will not be informed of it unless they swipe you! A perfect crime. Down isn’t one of the most popular, but is surely one of the best hookup apps as it gives you the opportunity to see who of your possible interests is into getting down.

5. Whiplr

Feeling sleazy is all about social constraints that we feel, so instead of conforming to the standards of society, find a place that accepts you for what you are. Whiplr is one of the best hookup apps exactly for that reason as it is a place that matches people who have the same fetishes. You won’t feel sleazy for wanting to dress up and role-play if the person you’ve matched is into the same thing. It’s a more quality than quantity oriented hookup app, but once you get that match it will be worth it.

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