Here’s A Lady Whose Vagina ‘Broke,’ And She Describes What It Looked Like In Detail If You’re Into That

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We of course have told you plenty of ways that dudes have injured their penis, but we haven’t dived into the fact that women can have their own issues with their vagina. And you should probably asks Australian blogger, Zoe George the issue she’s had with her vagina in the past. Hint: she “broke” it.

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The mother of two explains what happened when her “vagina tore” during childbirth, which sounds pretty damn traumatic. Here’s what George had to say:

“I tried to do it naturally. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I remember I had met a lady the weekend before and she told me she counted through her contractions. ‘Breathe in for six seconds and out for ten seconds. It keeps your mind busy and off the pain’. Look, it did work for eight hours but eventually it made me so angry I almost punched a midwife for chewing her gum mid-contraction.”

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Well, since the baby wasn’t coming out, the docs literally had to tear George’s vagina in order to get the baby out and then they had to stitch the vagina back up again. And if you were wondering what the aftermath was, George describes it:

“If Frankenstein’s monster had a vagina, I know exactly what it would have looked like. Describing it as looking like a hamburger, more like a whopper, would be putting it nicely. That image will forever be burned in my mind. If Frankenstein’s monster had a vagina, I know exactly what it would have looked like.”


George adds that when her husband saw the aftermath he saw something similar to that of a massacre/blood bath/type of scene.” And the headache wasn’t done there as George explains she couldn’t sit on the toilet without feeling as if her insides were going to pop out, and couldn’t have sex for six months after developing vaginismus.

But not to worry, folks, George’s vagina healed up and she eventually got pregnant again. And this time around her vagina remained intact. And that’s the story about how George grossed us all the hell out.

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