‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” Finally Has A Trailer


The subtle promoting of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is something I can appreciate, even though Jessica Alba's grandmother can't, so the only downside I can see from this movie so far is that Jessica Alba apparently has a larger speaking part. When has that ever been a good thing? it's never been good thing, right? I mean, I'll shut up if I'm wrong. I know I was wrong about that one restaurant we went to baby but the Yelp reviews were really good. I asked you three times where you wanted to go and now you wanna bitch about it? Well maybe I didn't want to eat at your sister's house did you ever think about that? Why do we have to go over there all the time anyway? That's weird, you realize that. Everybody thinks that weird, it's not just me. I mean, whatever you two wanna do when I'm not around go for it, personally I just think it's weird.