Kris Humphries Is An Ingrate

Or really, really oblivious. TMZ reports:

In fact, we’re told Kris truly had “no idea” who Ray J was when Kim’s sex tape partner sat next to the NBA star on a recent flight from L.A. to New Orleans. But after a few hours on the plane, Ray J finally approached Kris and said, “Come on, You know who I am … I just want to say congratulations.” Kris reportedly replied, “Oh yeah, yeah I know who you are.” Sources close to Humphries tell us, “Kris really didn’t know who he was” … but once Ray J reminded him, it didn’t matter to him because Kris is simply not bothered by Kim and Ray J’s previous relationship. Sources tell us, “Kris feels that Kim’s past doesn’t affect her present or future … he just doesn’t care.”

Despite his consistently blank expressions, it’s hard to believe Kris Humphries is actually that retarded and wasn’t just trying to diffuse an uncomfortable situation. Potential awkwardness aside, Kris Humphries should send Ray-J flowers and thank you cards every day for the rest of his life, because his wife’s vagina wouldn’t be lined with gold if Ray-J didn’t shower her with it on camera first.