That Was Quick

Jennifer Aniston’s been dating Justin Theroux since March. Now they’re moving in together. The New York Daily News reports:

Fresh off their romantic Hawaiian vacation and globetrotting trips to meet each other’s families, the couple is reportedly renting a love nest in Hollywood. They’re currently renting a two-bedroom house, but could buy the property for $3 million, according to X17. It reportedly boasts a pool and a hidden garden outside as well as an interior with hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and a garage that’s been converted into a family room. If it sounds cozy and romantic, it is. An Aniston insider tells Us Weekly, “One bedroom is the master and the other is currently furnished as a guest room. It is a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room.” With Aniston’s recent habit of picking up pricey real estate, perhaps buying the bungalow isn’t a far-fetched idea. In April, she reportedly sunk millions into two West Village apartments that she plans to combine into one gargantuan Manhattan pad. According to a friend of Theroux’s, perhaps the couple is building a set of nests in which to start a family. “He’d make an excellent father,” the source told Us. “Since he’s a screenwriter, he could work from home and take care of a kid.”

Jennifer Aniston typically can’t keep a man for ten minutes, but she convinced Justin Theroux to leave his live-in girlfriend and move in with her within five months. Is she content being a sugar mama now, or did she finally get all those teeth pulled? And did she have to go to an oral surgeon or a gyno to do it?