Ashlee Simpson Is Jealous

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I’m not gonna lie, I thought everyone involved in this story died two years ago.inTouch Weekly reports:

Just two years into their marriage, there’s more trouble in paradise for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz. The source of tension, say friends, is Ashlee’s stalled career and Pete’s obsession with his new band, the Black Cards, and its sexy singer, Bebe Rexh, an unknown twenty something New Yorker — who a source tells In Touch is “beautiful, very exotic-looking.” With not much experience in the music business, Bebe seems an unusual choice for Pete, especially since Ashlee, herself an established artist, hasn’t worked in more than a year. On the outside, Ashlee seems to be supportive of her husband’s new friend. “Ashlee is making a huge effort to make sure that Bebe feels like she belongs — and knows that Ashlee likes her,” a source tells In Touch. And, according to an insider, working with Pete and Bebe has made her write more music for an upcoming project. But a pal says it’s been difficult for her to sit back and watch as Pete gets close to another woman. “Ashlee is so insecure, it brings out the worst in her,” the pal tells In Touch. “She was so worried about Pete straying that she was fighting with him constantly about Bebe. Her friends told her to stop being so controlling or it would drive him away. Finally, she listened. Now that she’s giving him more space, they’re getting along much better.” Ashlee’s rep denies the story and says, “Both are committed to their marriage and are each other’s biggest support system professionally and personally.

If you want to know what this Bebe Rexh chick looks like, here she is. Since Ashlee is a pasty white chick with a massive forehead and gigantic ears, you can see how this might bother her. But please keep in mind, she’s married to this guy. He’s probably just showing her eyeliner application techniques or the dolls he has for sale on eBay. Ashlee could lock Pete and this chick in a room for four hours, and at worst find them painting each others toenails and talking about Zac Efron when she came back.