Paris Hilton is Holy

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This is how Paris Hilton spent the day yesterday:

1. Went out and bought religious and spiritual books PR people told her to buy.

2. Made sure PR people notified the paparazzi so they’d be there waiting at the book store when Paris arrived.

3. Maintained pathetically feigned attempt at “forlorn” on her face while photogs snapped away.

4. Forgot her bra on purpose to help secure that original, sinful fan base.

5. Went out again later and posed with the Ho Bib and THE trendy, enlightening text of the moment … with the same aforementioned pitiful look on her face.

Paris Hilton is so contrived, she should sell ad space on her body. She’s the Hollywood celebrity equivalent to the NASCAR cars which qualify and race, but still end up at or near dead last every time. Well, she didn’t place anywhere near the top ten, but at least Valtrex got some exposure.