Why All PS4 Owners Must Download Rocket League Right Now


Rocket League is out now for the PS4 and PC, but for owners of the Sony console it’s an extra special treat, as it’s available for free-of-charge for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

After sinking a plentiful amount of time into the beta and having a huge amount of fun with this arcade-y car soccer game, I heartily suggest that PS Plus members download it immediately, as I’ve found it be one of the most fun multiplayer games available on the platform. With offline splitscreen support for up to 4 players and an online mode that hosts 1 v 1 to 4 v 4 matches, even if you aren’t interested in cars, soccer or cars playing soccer, it’s at least worth a pop what with it being available for the grand total of $0.00.

The game sees two teams of players adopting the roles of cars that, for some inexplicable reason, have been tasked with competing in games of soccer. Along with the typical maneuvers you’d expect a car to be able to pull off, the vehicles in Rocket League can also propel themselves forward and side-to-side, granting them extra momentum and also allowing some truly spectacular goals to be scored. While playing the game is more hilarious than it is competitive, I was surprised to find that during my time with the game I actually became embroiled in some pretty intense match-ups, giving Rocket League that addictive “just one more go” allure that is so prevalent in the arcade games it’s inspired by.

The beta, which included just one map and didn’t feature any of the plentiful car customization options that are available in the full game, provided me and my friends with some of the most fun we’ve had in a multiplayer game in this current console generation, and while it was experiencing some server problems on the day of its release, it’s almost fully functional at the time of this writing and ready for you to download it. Oh, and PS4 owners can also unlock Sweet Tooth’s vehicle from the Twisted Metal series.

Check out the trailer below: