Comic-Con 2015: Our Five Most Wanted Announcements

Editor’s Note: We already got what we wanted! Marvel and Sony have announced that Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man.

San Diego Comic-ConComic-Con 2015 is fast approaching and CraveOnline is helping you get ready with our Countdown to Comic-Con! Your host William Bibbiani will be here every few days with previews and survival guides to this year’s convention, starting with our picks for The Five Most Wanted Announcements of Comic-Con 2015!

Comic-Con has a longstanding history of major revelations in the entertainment industry, announcing major new movies, franchises, comic books, TV series and much, much more. While we all hope to be surprised (nobody saw Batman v Superman coming in 2012, after all), we do have a few ideas about what will probably be on the docket this year in Hall H, and any one of them could turn out to be the biggest story to come out of Comic-Con 2015.

Star Wars Spin-Off Heist Film Boba Fett

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What could possibly happen with Game of ThronesX-MenSpider-ManStar Trek and Star Wars? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out. Come back again and again as our Countdown to Comic-Con continues with more news, tips and previews!


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