Comic-Con 2013: 10 Must See Movie Panels (Outside Hall H)

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once more, and just sifting through all the panels available is enough to make you go cross-eyed. That’s why CraveOnline is here, to help guide you to all the most important, memorable, historic and just plain entertaining movie panels at Comic-Con 2013! But here’s the catch…

We’re not including anything in Hall H.

Some movie fans go to Comic-Con and spend their entire weekend in the vaunted, overcrowded Hall H, where Hollywood trots out their biggest previews, celebrity guests and breaking news. But to get in you sometimes have to spend all night and day in line, in the cold (and sometimes brutal heat), preventing you from seeing anything else at the convention. And that’s assuming you actually get in; it’s no guarantee.

If you plan to spend all of Comic-Con 2013 in Hall H, you’ll see some amazing stuff: previews of Ender’s Game and Divergent (Thursday, 3:50pm), Edgar Wright’s The World’s End (Friday, 10:00am), the Veronica Mars movie (Friday, 11:15am), Kick-Ass 2 and Riddick (Friday, 12:15pm), Robocop and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Friday, 4:05pm), Godzilla and 300: Rise of an Empire (Saturday, 10:45am), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Saturday, 1:35pm), whatever 20th Century Fox has cooking (Saturday, 4:15pm), and Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Saturday, 6:00pm). With a special guest appearance by Metallica (Friday, 6:30pm).

Yup, Hall H is a pretty amazing place. But if you can’t get in – or simply don’t want to waste all that time when you could be shopping, socializing or seeing (god forbid) non-movie panels) – and you still want to see some of the best Hollywood has to offer at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, we’ve got a handy-dandy list of the Ten Must-See Movie Panels at Comic-Con 2013 (Outside Hall H)!

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