Kurt Sutter Teases ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5 And The Potential Prequel Series

Last month, "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter quietly announced that the series had been renewed for a sixth season before casually mentioning his ambition to do a "Sons of Anarchy" prequel series about the First Nine members of SAMCRO. And last night at the "Sons of Anarchy" panel at the PaleyFest, Sutter reiterated his plans for a prequel series, even though it may be several years down the line.

According to Deadline, Sutter closed the panel by saying  “I had this notion of wanting to explore the first nine. I see it as a different show – not a continuation or another version of 'Sons of Anarchy,' but a more political and socially historical sort of show. I definitely have some interest in doing it. I’d like to explore it in some capacity.”

Sutter also noted that he wouldn't begin exploring a prequel series until after "Sons of Anarchy" has finished its run; which meant that if the prequel series goes forward “nobody on this stage would be with me.”

For the PaleyFest, Sutter was joined by a few "Sons of Anarchy" cast members, including his wife (and "Sons of Anarchy" lead actress), Katey Sagal. Inevitably, talk turned towards the upcoming fifth season of "Sons of Anarchy;" which will be very different now that Jax Teller is running the club.

“I’ve always wanted to play this idea… of putting Jax at the head of the table, and the ripples of that and where people land,” related Sutter (via TV Line). “For me, the interesting dynamic to play next season is the struggle that Jax has of being King — how can you be the leader of an organized crime syndicate and not become Clay? And if you choose not to become Clay, are you forced to become [Jax's late father] John Teller?”

Sutter also revealed that the fifth season will start about a month after the fourth season ended, giving Tara time to come to terms with her choice to remain with Jax.

 “Tara’s clearly in [the club now],” acknowledged Sutter. “And [Season 5] really will be her trying to figure out, ‘Who am I in this world? Can I still be Dr. Tara Knowles and be this Queen?’”

As hinted in the season four finale, Sutter acknowledged that Tig's misguided murder of Damon Pope's daughter will draw SAMCRO into yet another war it should probably have avoided.

Sutter also mentioned his admiration for Michael Chiklis ("The Shield"), but feels that his famous role would make it impossible to cast him on "Sons of Anarchy."

“I just feel like Michael’s character was so iconic on ['The Shield'], it would be really difficult to bring him on ['Sons of Anarchy'] and not have him overshadow as Vic Mackey," said Sutter. "I love Michael, but that would be a tough one.”

"Sons of Anarchy" season five will debut in Fall 2012.