Rumor: Sony Working on Their Own Smash Bros.-esque Fighter


There’s a rumor currently making its way around the Internet that Sony is preparing a Super Smash Bros.-esque fighting title featuring exclusive PlayStation characters like Kratos (God of War), Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted) and more. The project, currently called “ Title Fight,” was first leaked on the Paul Gale Network, supplemented by a screenshot featuring Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth to prove it’s legitimacy.



The website is claiming SuperBot Entertainment is developing the title, which jives with previous reports that the studio is currently working on a secret, first-party Sony title.

Title Fight was apparently teased with Sony’s epic “Long Live Play” commercial back in September, which featured characters from nearly every major Sony exclusive franchise (plus friends) hanging out in a bar. Why the company didn’t announce the game then… we have no idea.

When more information on Title Fight becomes available, we’ll be here reporting on it.