God of War 4 is Still a Very Bad Dad Simulator

A new God of War 4 trailer was showcased at E3 2017, and if you were wondering if Kratos was still a bad dad since his questionable parenting tactics were revealed during E3 2016, then the answer is yes. Yes he is.

Not only is Kratos’s son depicted running through harsh weather conditions in very unsuitable clothing (I know Kratos is pretty much just wearing a shoulder pad, but he’s at least a demigod), but he’s also thrown in some alarming situations and taught to handle them all with as much violence as physically possible. Tut tut.

The new trailer depicted Kratos struggling with the inner turmoil of being both incredibly miserable and bloodythirsty, and also trying to be a decent father. While most fathers struggle with their own conflicts when it comes to their parenting decisions, most fathers don’t have to deal with being confronted with giant serpents, so I guess it’s understandable that Kratos would be a little less capable of being morally sound all of the time.

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God of War 4 is one of Sony’s key upcoming games for the PS4, with it presenting a drastic change of pace for the God of War series. The game now adopts an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective, and seems as focused upon its story as its bloody battles. It remains to be seen if this makeover will be a good thing for the franchise, though early signs look hopeful; it has more than a whiff of The Last of Us about it, which can only be a good thing.

God of War 4 will be released at some point in 2018, with Sony having yet to confirm a release date. You can check out the brand new gameplay trailer for the game below: