Report: Uncharted 4 DLC is Standalone and Will Follow Samuel

A new report has claimed that the upcoming Uncharted 4 DLC will be a single-player, standalone adventure that will follow Nathan Drake’s brother Samuel, with it set to be revealed during December’s PlayStation Experience event.

According to Jaffameister, the DLC will tell a self-contained story that will see both Nolan North and Troy Baker reprise their voice acting roles from Uncharted 4, though it will see Nathan Drake stepping out of the spotlight and handing “the reigns of adventuring over to his sibling.” However, while this DLC seems likely to take place after the birth of Nathan Drake’s daughter, she will not feature in it.

The report indicates that the DLC’s reveal will include gameplay footage along with cutscenes and the official name of the DLC. Sony today announced that a co-op mode titled Survival would be making its way to Uncharted 4, which will see teammates battling it out against waves of enemies. It is suggested by Jaffameister’s report that this DLC was also planned to be unveiled during the PlayStation Experience, but Sony has instead made the announcement ahead of schedule.

At the end of Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake is depicted as having finally laid to rest his adventurous aspirations in order to focus upon his family life, though Samuel and long-time friend Sully continue to travel the world without him. It’s not certain how far removed from the events of Uncharted 4 this DLC will be.

The PlayStation Experience will take place from December 3 -4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.