Brad Dourif Comes To ‘Fringe’

While the details behind the upcoming season finale of "Fringe" are still closely guarded, one thing is clear: the man behind Chucky is coming to town!

According to TVLine, Brad Dourif has been signed to appear in the finale as mysterious man named Moreau. The report also notes that the character was originally envisioned for a "well-known Japanese actor… who speaks English."
Although Dourif may be best known among genre fans as the voice of Chucky from "Child's Play," he has also had a long career in film and television with appearances in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," "Deadwood," "Fatal Beauty," "The Exorcist III," "Dune," Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake and a memorable turn as Grima Wormtongue in the "Lord of The Rings" series.
Last month, it was announced that Emily Meade ( "Boardwalk Empire") also has a critical guest role in the season finale as a FBI agent described as "a wide-eyed and eager rookie who’s ready to face all of the challenges in front of her."  The third season finale of "Fringe" also has a very ominous title: "The Day We Died."
A few weeks ago, "Fringe" executive producer  J.H. Wyman dropped a teaser for the season finale while celebrating the series' early fourth season pickup from Fox.
"We've tried to have a new chapter begin at the end of the seasons," stated Wyman. "The first season was the Twin Towers and the second season was Olivia over there. This one will have the same effect that, sort of the beginning of a new understanding of the program."
"Fringe" will air the last new episodes of the season beginning on Friday, April 15 with the season finale scheduled for Friday, May 6.

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