Woman Gets Tired Of Waiting For Food At Drive-Thru, Goes Bonkers

Photo: NeonJellyfish (Getty)

Being in New York and not having a car, I can say that it’s been a while since I’ve found myself waiting at a drive-thru, but I can understand that it does get irritating having to wait a long time for food that will destroy your arteries. That said, the majority of people don’t lose their mind because they have to wait a couple of minutes to get their hands on that fish filet. Well, the majority don’t. But some do.

While the woman in the video below didn’t jump through the window to try and start a fight, she was pretty damn close to doing that as she decides to yell this at the top of her lungs: “Please open the window!”

See the video for yourself:

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Wow. That lady was starving. Now of course we don’t truly know what set her off. Perhaps she originally got the wrong order. Or perhaps she discovered she had to pay 50 cents for an extra ranch sauce. On second thought, the latter would make us react the same way she did, so that is what probably set her off.

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