Students At Several Canadian Universities Received The Wonderful Gift Of Sex Toys

Photo: JackF (Getty)

Some people get sex toys delivered to them in the mail, throw some batteries inside and have the night of their lives. Others apparently call the police.

According to BBC News, “unsolicited and anonymous packages were sent through Amazon to more than 10 student organizations” at several Canadian universities beginning in November, and naturally, some of those packages were of the sex toy variety. And they were either gigantic or purchased in bulk because some of the packages were valued at almost 800 bucks.

“One was like a mint greenish multi-setting vibrator with like a rose gold end and it was so bougie,” Ryerson University Student Union Vice President Camryn Harlick said.

Meanwhile, the University of Manitoba Student Union donated their unsolicited sex toys to an LGBTQ student group to use for an upcoming fundraiser.

“I was thinking it was kind of strange that we got this package,” Manitoba Student Union President Tanjit Nagra said. “To be honest, at first I thought, perhaps, maybe it was a staff member [who ordered it] and someone was embarrassed and didn’t claim it. But then once we saw there are students’ unions across Canada that are getting the same thing then we were like OK, there is something going on, right?”

Some of the student groups have received as many as 15 of these packages, with some of them containing phone chargers, ear phones, light bulbs and an iPad case, but let’s be honest. The fact that sex toys were involved is why you’re still reading, and that’s also why the police were called.

Amazon officials said they can’t release the sender’s information for privacy reasons, but they told police that they think it’s part of a marketing ploy from a company in China. If that’s the case, let’s hope they don’t get my grandma’s address.

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