Facebook Cleansing: 10 Different Kinds Of Friends You’re Safe To Get Rid Of In 2017

Photo: jurgenfr (Getty)

It’s our favorite time of the year again: time for a good old fashioned Facebook friend cleansing. There are always new and different kinds of Facebook friends you’re safe to get rid of, but this year, we’re finding some of the people you need to cut out are very specific, yet very abundant.

What once was a fun time and great excuse to avoid work has become an overtly opinionated, meme-loving, baby-toting freak show. From the alt-right to people lost out in left field, weirdos you met once drunk, girls you failed to bang and now just quietly stalk and people who have held the same grudge with you since little league, they’re all in here in our latest un-friending on Facebook fiasco.

For those of you who sit by and watch all the terrible ethnic cleansing going on around the world, let’s take that negative and turn it into a positive by removing the negative, annoying, disgusting people who make clicking on Facebook a painful experience. Remember, Facebook was designed to keep us connected enough so we didn’t feel the need to call anymore. Let’s keep that in mind moving forward after this Facebook friend cleaning of 2017.

(Facebook image: dashek (Getty)

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