Strip Club Horror Stories

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You can call them gentlemen’s clubs all you want but strip clubs are still shady places in which a lot of weird people visit and work in, so some horror stories from them are guaranteed. Thankfully, more than one people on Reddit wondered the same thing we did and they got some awesome responses. We selected 10 of the best strip club horror stories from you, ranging from disgusting to worrying, and from sentence-longed observations to longer anecdotes.

Some told by the strippers, some by managers, bouncers, DJs, and some by visitors. The so called gentlemen. No awkward erection stories amongst them, since, you know, that’s the whole point of strip clubs.

Strip Club Story #1

Walked into the kitchen and saw one of the girls sitting bottomless on a prep counter. Never, ever eat at a strip club.

Strip Club Story #2

I used to bartend at a strip club in college. One of the dancers, who was fairly new, was trying a new move on the pole where she hooked her leg around it and stretched her body out so she was parallel to the floor. Well, she fell on her face. There was a lot of blood. As the bouncer and I were helping her off the stage, one of the customers dipped his finger in it and tasted it…

Strip Club Story #3

I waitressed at a strip club in northeastern KS during my sophomore year of college…. A older guy (about 65-70yrs old), and his friends come in one evening. They find their seats/tables, so I cruise on by and ask if they would like a drink. As soon as I ask, ‘older guy’ yells “I WANT A LAP DANCE FROM YOU.”, in the creepiest backwoods hick accent I have EVER heard. I politely decline, offer to send a lady of his choice over. He proceeds to repeat his request, I say a firm ‘NO’. Over the course of the next 2 hours, he continued to badger me. Louder and louder each time. Finally, after his 20th time asking me, and also getting no dances from the ladies working, I ask him why he has to have a dance from ME SPECIFICALLY. His reply? “Because you look just like my granddaughter.”

Strip Club Story #4

We had one dancer giving a guy a private dance, he puked all over the front of her. She went to the dressing room and was giving herself a quick cleanup with some baby wipes and planned on going home to shower, but before she could leave, she found out she still had two more hours of V.I.P dances left. She opted to stay and do the dances instead of showering.

Strip Club Story #5

I was a go-go bar DJ for over five years and well, I’ve seen things dude. One of the worst things I saw; a dancer Bubbles, had taken another dancer’s outfit (we’ll call her Star). So Bubbles does her “rounds” before going on stage, walking around the bar and talking to customers as well as getting tips. Everything was good, she did her rounds then got on stage and started “dancing”. Now up to this point Star had been in a “Champagne Room” with a customer (they last an hour and a half), she gets done and shows the guy out of the room then she makes a B-line to my booth(DJs tend to collect/payout money for “couch dances” and the sort. Also, all couch/lap dance rooms have cameras in them and there’s a monitor in the DJ’s booth and the office. Star gets to my booth and asks for her payout for the night, so I start tallying everything up and counting out her money. Star, while waiting for me to finish my count out, starts looking around the bar and notices Bubbles, on stage in Stars’ outfit. Star goes and loses her mind, she runs down to the foot of the stage and starts screaming at Bubbles, saying really nasty shit. Star then proceeds to hop up on stage with Bubbles screaming the whole time, walks to Bubbles and punches her square in the face. It was about that time too, that Bubbles’ bowels decided to cease working do to fear, stress, whatever. This poor girl shit herself on stage in front of the whole club.